Our new 64 slice CT will diagnose and stage cancers, while also imaging more routine pathology all in the span of a single breath hold! Specialized scans include multiphase contrast imaging to detect subtle solid organ masses, and virtual 3D angiograms of the aorta, carotid, and intracranial arteries, as well as more peripheral vasculature. Early disease screening will also be available, including low dose lung cancer screening, and evaluation of coronary arteries for the presence and progression of atherosclerotic plaque. Additionally cardiac ejection fraction can be measured, for either patient monitoring or preoperative evaluation.
Our CT scanner is fused with the latest high-resolution digital PET scanner — to detect cancer and monitor response to therapy. In addition, we offer FDG neuroimaging to evaluate dementia, and more advanced Amyvid imaging to evaluate the brain for amyloid plaque related to Alzheimer’s disease. Axumin isotope is available to evaluate for recurrent prostate cancer, NetSpot imaging can investigate suspected neuroendocrine tumors, and we also offer the highly sensitive sodium fluoride bone scan to detect bony metastases. Finally, we offer a full suite of related image-guided interventional procedures including spinal myelography, lung and solid organ biopsy, drainage and catheter placement including nephrostomy tubes, and bone biopsy.

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